The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast is the world's first podcast dedicated to the subject of Antinatalism, created by Antinatalists! Antinatalism, (Or Anti-Natalism.) Is defined by Wikipedia as, “a philosophical position and social movement that assigns a negative value to birth.” The world of Antinatalism is very vast, and though most Antinatalist do share a kernel of the same core idea, what one Antinatalist believes from the next can be wildly different.

What The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast seeks to showcase, is a wide range of the various perspectives and ideas throughout Antinatalism as it exists today, through interviwes with Antinatalist thinkers and creators of all kinds. Exploring Antinatalism was originally founded in early 2020 by various members of the now extinct, Rogue Philosophy: Antinatalism Discord, but soon grew away from being a team effort, to a mostly solo project run and hosted by long time Antinatalist content producer, Amanda ‘Oldphan’ Sukenick (Foreverwolffilms on Youtube), with the exception of sometimes host/co-host, Mark J. Maharaj (Question mark? on Youtube).

The most recent episode is highlighted below, and all previous recordings can be found in the Episodes tab above as well as on Youtube, iTunes, Buzzsprout or Stitcher. Thank you for listening to The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast!

Welcome to the sixty-third episode of The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast! Today, Amanda ‘Oldphan’ Sukenick, & Life Sucks, speak with the Head of the Department of philosophy at the University of Liverpool, author of many books, including The Things That Really Matter Philosophical conversations on the cornerstones of life, and co-editor of Volume 56 of The Journal of Value Inquiry, a special issue entitled Would It Be Better if We Had Never Existed? David Benatar’s Anti-Natalism featuring 9 articles including his own, Anti-natalism, Pollyannaism, and Asymmetry: A Defence of Cheery Optimism - Michael Hauskeller!

And joining us today, Antinatalist & Efilist Youtuber & artist, and author of the recent & sensational, The ABC’s of Antinatalism Coloring Book - The Ethics of Procreation from A to Z - Life Sucks!