Amanda ‘Oldphan’ Sukenick, is a film-maker & sculptor residing in Chicago IL. She received her BFA & MFA from SAIC in 2007 & 2015 respectively, in Printmedia. She started making Youtube videos in 2009, originally as a Dragonball toy reviewer, and then as an Antinatalist activist. Amanda has been steadily producing Antinatalist multi-media for 10 years now, including her movie The EFIList, Vloggerdome: The TV Show, EFIL-TV: Antinatalist Television, and is now the host of, The Exploring Antinatalism Podcast. In 2015, part of The EFIList went viral, and she was a guest on the popular Comedy Central TV show, Tosh.0 - this was the first time Antinatalism was ever discussed on North American television. She is now producing her third movie, Revery.

Mark J. Maharaj is a computer programmer residing in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. An advocate for the rights of human and non-human animals. Mark has varying interests in other subjects such as ethics, theology, philosophy, effective altruism, psychology, scientific skepticism, ethical veganism and critical thinking. He is an avid hiker and enjoys the outdoors. An Antinatalist advocate, Mark has volunteered on various projects within the community. Hosting monthly online and in person Antinatalism meetups, co-founder of the Exploring Antinatalism Podcast, previous morderator of the Antinatalism Facebook group and the Rogue Philosophy: Antinatalism Discord. Currently Mark is working on exploring other areas of philosophy on his rebranded YouTube channel, "Question Mark?".